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After experiencing first contact and evacuating the Sol system, humanity wasn't sure what to make of their saviors. Who are these aliens who waltzed in and tore through the system's deadliest threats like paper? 

Beyond the termination shock, humanity found its answer. They saw their technology, their agriculture, and their day-to-day living. They learned of their civilizations, their faiths, and their culture. They engaged in very frank talk about their personal lives. 

Humanity soon learned that aliens were a lot like themselves. They just get into different trouble. 

This book contains: 

  • A guide to playing aliens in TERMINATION SHOCK.
  • Full dossiers and character creation kits for three alien species: the sleek and muscular preds, the massive and colorful sleeves, and the airborne, tentacular scavs. 
  • Character creation rules for Artificial Intelligence characters. 
  • An overview of the livestock beyond the Sol system, from the adorable and delectable cutiefood to the meticulous and aesthetically driven tidy vines.
  • New gear and weapons for alien characters. 



Buy Now$12.95 USD or more

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